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Cette section rassemble une sélection de documents produits dans le cadre de nos interventions, mais aussi les contributions d’autres acteurs de notre réseau. La capitalisation des expériences constitue un objectif majeur de notre association pour la promotion d’un développement et durable et solidaire pour tous.

Vidéos :

Bringing Home Rain
Harvesting rain from rooftops gives women water security and access to good quality water. The tank to harvest rain is multipurpose and is also used by children for home work and by women to |+|
Architecture & Développement - Rainwater Club
Kuppai Kadai - A rubbish story
What does a jasmine farmer have in common with a recycler ? They both convert garbage into profit. Kuppai Kadai takes you into a world where people throw away their garbage without a second |+|
Production: Architecture & Développement. Director/Scriptwriter/Editor: Nina Subramani. Music Director: Prabhu. Lyrics: Shiva Kumar
"Namma Kadalkarai - Namma Urimal" (Our Coast-Our Right)
A film explaining the Coastal Regulation Zone, and the Economics and Politics of its Implementation from the point of view of Local Community Rights. (Tamil, 54 mins, PAL VCD |+|
Production: Architecture & Développement / CED

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