Our Action

Our Belief

Our involvement for International solidarity is based on the need to re-emphasise the idea of architectural intervention with the needs expressed by social realities. Read More

Our Engagement

(Re-)construction cannot be reduced to a simple technical answer. Our action consists of coordinating all the players within a shared project, by pooling skills and setting architectural quality and environmental performance objectives. Read More

Expertise and Network

A&D brings together a group of professionals in the built environment invested in international development projects. Read More

Our Action

A&D responds to requests from project operators or to certain calls for tenders, contributes to the setting up of partnerships in order to constitute programmes in consortium, or sets up project files on its own initiative. Read More

New articles

War in the city and cities in war, humanitarian actors and urban practices - Guinee

A&D undertook a study on the urban practices in unstable humane situations

Reconstruction of the « Seyyed Djamaluddin » training centre project in Kabul - 1

The project of reconstruction of the administrative building of the "Seyyed Djamaluddin" training center for professors of schools and colleges (...)

Rehabilitation of hospitals - Bamyan and Kabul

Support for workmanship for the rehabilitation of two hospitals - Bamyan and Kabul

Evaluation on East-Timor local construction technics

Evaluation mission - Local construction technic