2 Bridges

When I worked in Liberia, I developed two standardized box-culverts small bridges for SDC.

 Laurent Demarta

Any of us can one day face a circumstance where such kind of small items can prove of some use. Here are comprehensive ready-to-use files.

The aim of a box culvert is to avoid foundation study: the rigid box is sitting on a broad surface thanks to long wing-walls, and thus can be set on any reasonably bearing soil.

Drawings should be comprehensive. They include steelwork details. Bill of quantity is precise on the quantities, but prices are to adapt to each situation. I usually use a totally blank bill for tender, in order to control the company’s capability to estimate quantities. Both are included, of course.

Well, all in all that’s it: two files, for two sizes of read-to-build box culverts, designed for feeder roads one car at the time

Save it for any day. Use it freely, it is not copyrighted.

Good construction,

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