European exchange programme

 Tiago Vier (LinkedIn)

Descriptif :

European programme for volunteers to help initiatives against urban exclusion

This program of began in June, 2004 and ended in 2007. It has mobilized young professionals and/or young persons wanting to participate in concrete common initiatives against urban exclusion.

Collaboraters in Project : Exchanges and Partnerships ; Architecture and Development ; the Association of the Technician Experts and Researchers (AITEC)and their partners in France and in Europe

  • Duration of program : 18 MonthsRetour ligne manuel
  • Length of missions : 25 WeekRetour ligne manuel
  • Area of action : Europe of 25 and TurkeyRetour ligne manuel
  • Number of participants : 33 trainees

Relevant topics :

  • Urban development Retour ligne manuel
  • Heritage Retour ligne manuel
  • Improvement of the Habitat Retour ligne manuel
  • Right to the city Retour ligne manuel
  • Housing rightRetour ligne manuel
  • Community Participation

Objectives of program :

  • To Provide oppurtunities for continuing education of the young professionals and future stakeholders of the city.
  • To Create links between persons working on common themes.
  • To Share knowledge and experiments.
  • To Reinforce European networks which comprise young professionals looking for the jobs in the city.