• Adult population
    for employment indicators,this should be taken as persons of 15 years of age or more.In other indicators
    relating to family type,the term should refer to persons having reached majority or voting age,or defined as adult for census
  • Economically active population
    comprises all persons over 15 years of age who furnish the supply of labour for the
    production of economic goods and services.The production of economic goods and services includes all production and
    processing of primary products,whether for the market,for barter or for own consumption,the production of all other goods and
    services for the market,the corresponding for own consumption.Economically active population includes all persons who are
    either employed or unemployed 15 .
  • Head of household
    The notion of head of household assumes that most households are family households (in other words,
    that they consist entirely,except possibly for domestic servants,of persons related by blood,mariage or adoption)and that one
    person in such family household has primary authority and responsibility for household affaires and is,in majority of the cases,
    its chief economic support.This person is then designated as the head of household 16 .
  • Household
    a person or group of persons who make common provision for food or other essentials of living,and often share a
    common budget.A group of people who eat one meal together daily may be considered a household.This definition includes
    domestic servants.
  • Household income
    the total income from all sources of all household members,including wages,pensions or benefits,
    business earnings,rents,and the value of any business or subsistence products consumed (e.g.foodstuffs).Paym ents such as
    allowances or board from one household member to another should not be counted twice.
  • Metropolitan area
    the politically defined urban area for planning or administrative purposes which combines all local
    jurisdictions normally regarded as part of the greater urban area.
    Urban:the classification ‘urban’is based on the definition applied in national statistical practices and exercises.
  • Urban agglomeration
    defined as the city proper along with the suburban fringe and any built-up,thickly settled areas lying
    outside of,but adjacent to,the city boundaries.
  • Women-headed households
    a household headed by a woman,i.e.who has the primary authority and responsibility for the
    household’s affairs,usually as chief economic support (see above definition of head of household).However,in most countries,
    women are not usually enumerated as heads of households unless they are either living alone (that is,in one-person
    household)or there is no adult male in the household.