Contribute to improve the quality of life especially of the vulnerable and marginalised groups in the North and South. Build capacities of the communities to take part in the development process.


 Available Translations: Français

Specific Objectives:

  • Introduction of architectural and urban competencies amongst the partners of development and humanitarianism processes
  • To share the know-how and experiences amongst the professional architects
  • To reconsider the divide between the emergency works and that of long term development
  • To renew the professional practices by supporting initiatives and innovative projects with an academic or participatory approach
  • To identify and reinforce existing competences in the Southern countries and to promote their networking at the International level
  • To promote an approach of development based on cooperation and partnerships involving the mutual exchange of experiences and with the active participation of the beneficiaries

A&D contributes to emergence works and a network of competences specialized in architecture and urbanisation, through: the realization of projects, the intervention on specific missions, the sensitizing and the training of (future) the architects as actors of development.