mapping Pune and Sangli slums on a GIS

Pratima Joshi, Srinanda Sen and Jane Hobson

Environment&Urbanization Vol 14 No 2 October 2002


This paper describes how the NGO Shelter Associates and an
organization of women and men slum dwellers worked together to collect information
on each household in slum settlements in Pune and Sangli and to map this,
along with infrastructure and service provision and each slum’s position within
the city. This permitted data on slums to be superimposed on these cities’ development
plans using a geographical information system. This provides an important
information base for improving infrastructure and services within slums and for
integrating slums into city-wide planning. The paper also discusses the contrasting
experiences in the use made by the two different city governments of this information
(little interest in Pune, great interest in Sangli) and how communities,
governments and NGOs can work most effectively together to ensure the inclusion
of slums within city plans.

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