Agenda 21 for the sustainable construction in developing countries

 Kalpesh Dolia
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Agenda 21 for the sustainable construction in the developing countries was ordered within the framework of the 21st Agenda for the sustainable construction published by International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction(CIB) in order to extend its expertise.
This project was implemented in partnership with UNEP-IETC, CSIR Building and Construction Technology and South Africa’s Construction Industry Development Board.
The idea to have a specific Agenda for the developing countries is explained by the need to solve important problems with little resources. Moreover, the level of development of the countries of the South, can generate different opportunities that those of the industrialized countries (which inevitably do not follow the way of a sustainable development).It is thus urgent to promote sustainable construction practices in the countries of the South, because the latter do not have the means of repeating the errors and must ensured to construct for best.
This document is the result of a long process to include/understand the challenges and to formulate a Research & Développement programme as well as a strategy of actions to make sure that the construction sector in the countries of the South adopt the principles of sustainable development.