Training Programme Schedule

The entire training programme has been split into 6 weeks. The major activates undertaken during each week are :

 Preeti Goel Sanghi

Week 1

The first week is utilized for the finalization of Appropriate Architectural features, Appropriate Technologies and Disaster-resistant features to be adopted. A market survey of materials to be used for demo house is done for calculating BoQ for model demo house and preparing the comparative cost estimates between Conventional & Appropriate Technologies selected.

Week 2

The actual Masons training and the interaction with the masons started in this week. The programme starts with the screening the masons to access their knowledge in the construction activities. The selected trainees are then registered. The icebreaker session is conducted with the selected trainees, which serves as a platform for experience sharing. The masons are trained on basic site selection procedure. The class on site selection procedures is a prelude to the behavioral pattern of the structural components with respect to disasters.
A theory class is taken on various types of soil and their behavior. This study is undertaken to help the masons choose the type of foundation to be done for that particular type of soil. The masons are trained in the construction of Stub foundation with anchorages. As the foundation works are going on they are given tips on bar-bending on how to minimize the wastage and to improve the strength of the rod work. The grade beam is completed during this week.

Week 3

During the third week the super structure is completed, i.e the brick work from the grade beam to the casting of the filler slab. The brickwork from the grade beam to the Damp proofing course (DPC) is done in English bond and a layer of header course is done above the DPC. The Rat trap bond is done from the header course above the DPC to the roof with two-header courses, one running just below the filler slab and the other running below the lintel level. The casting of the filler slab is completed in this week.

Week 4

The finishing works are started this week. The pointing works is started on the exterior surface of the walls ; this is done to improve the looks of exposed brick work. The finishing touches are given to the parapet, lintel and plastering upto DPC from the ground level. The carpentry work for the lean to roof in the front portion covering the verandah and kitchen is completed with the laying of tiles.

Training is given for the making the prefabricated Ferro-cement door and window frames. The Ferro-cement doors and window frames are used, as they are cheaper than the wooden frames. Moreover once the mould is prepared the ferrocement Door and window frames can be made easily.

Week 5&6

Mainly after the completion of roofing works only minimal amount of work is left in the training programme. Initially few theory classes are taken for the trainees and in between that arrangements made to pointing works. After this classes are taken on the selection of materials and the proper measurements for all the works such as foundation, walling and construction of steps, etc and all the other details what they learned earlier is also refreshed as per their request.

The remaining works like the finishing of flooring in the hall and bedroom starts and the painting is completed. The carpentry work door and windows is also completed during this period along with the electric works. Certificates are given at the completion.