Fishing in Troubled Waters- Booklet Produced

A DocPost special on the livelihood issues of the traditional fishing communities has been published. It contains a collection of articles and reports needed by activists and communities, organised and pieced together with a narrative.


Fishing in Troubled Waters- Increased fragility of an already precarious a compilation of of articles and reports on the livelihood issues of the traditional fishing communities. The document may appear to be disjointed at times, as is not in the nature of an academic research, but contains materials needed by activists and commuinities.

This has been developed around the adaptation of an interview A good occasion for change, with John Kurien by V S Sridhar, Frontline, Volume 22 - Issue 03, Jan. 29 - Feb 11,2005. John Kurien is a Professor at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Fishing communities in Tamil Nadu, while they lived, were rarely the centre of attention in civil society. Now that so many of them have been taken away by the sea and thousands are faced with a shattered future, they are
the focus of an outpouring of concern.

Tsunamis affect only coastal communities - but not everyone suffers equally. Those living nearer the sea suffer much more than those who live away from the coastline. And the poor are affected to a much greater degree than the rich.....

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