The situation in Arunthanganvillai on October 12th 2006


Deepavalli is fast approaching and the target of finishing the construction (except the bathrooms) and handing over these houses at this festival occasion so that the beneficiaries and the entire team can celebrate does not seem as though it will be fulfilled.

Currently, four contractors, each with a team of 20 workers are working in the two villages. It is a question of finishing as soon as possible - since most of the houses are at completion stage, the finishing touches are being done so that the beneficiaries can move into their new houses by the revised target of 1, December. The contractors will then be able to concentrate on the housing in Rajakamangalamthurai.

As of now 23 houses are under construction, and four houses have reached roof level, one has reached lintel level and three are in the completion stage and only electrical connections have to be installed, doors and windows need to be fixed, the interior and exterior walls need to be lime-washed and the toilets to be incorporated. The remaining 15 houses are in the flooring stage.

In the centre of the village two water taps have been installed on the central path. The villagers will have to use and store water available from these two taps, as there will probably not be running water in the houses. The present system of a common tap water supply will continue.