An extended home

In Arunthanganvillai each home has been built in a special way- it was agreed right from the beginning to build in situ context, to take into consideration the size of the plots of the beneficiaries, and not to cut any coconut trees. I have explained a case of a rehabilitated, and then extended existent home.


Two brothers and their respective families shared a brick house with a tiled roof.. The remaining land though small belonged to both the families and only one brother was chosen by PRAXIS to be part of the list of the beneficiaries.

In view of the size of the available land, it was resolved to extend the existing home. The new area was 30 sq meters, this home being therefore smaller than those of other beneficiaries. However the extra funds were used to improve the old house. The tiles of the roof were repaired , the flooring redone and the walls strengthened. The dividing wall between the old house and the new was raised to create an opening into both the buildings. The new home , like the others is, constituted by a kitchen, a foyer, a room ,a veranda and by a toilet outside the house.

These two families will so be able to share the rooms of this ` double home ‘, but this arrangement will also serve to give privacy to each family whenever required