First PRA for the start of the microprojects in Karaikal district

Kottucherrymedu, Kilinjalmedu and Karaikalmedu are the three villages in this region.which DA has intervened for building 3 housing colonies. This region was one of the areas affected by the tsunami. A total of 1200 houses will be constructed. In these three villages, A&D will intervene to set up a series of micro projects , namely in developing green areas, management of waste water and systems of environmental toilets, rain water drainage of crops, facilities for the handicapped and finally the management of the solid waste. This first meeting specifically dwelt on planting of green areas , particularly in public areas.

 Radha Kunke
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The team of social workers from the Pondicherry office met the village communities to introduce the microproject plans and discussed the planting of green areas specifically in public places on new housing colonies. From each village about 37 persons participated, 17 women and 20 men, with the women being particularly involved and participative throughout meeting

There was an interactive session with the villagers on the importance of trees and plants in general for preserving the environment and also for a better quality of life. The PRA was held during the working session , keeping in mind the techniques used for a participative job and in order to strengthen the capacities of the beneficiaries.

A plan of the village was first drawn to make visualization of the new village and its public areas easier. A list with names of various trees suitable to the village was made by the team of social workers and the villagers voted for the choice and use of each tree. In the end, it was decided that flower bearing trees and ornamental plants would be planted at the entrance of the village for aesthetic value. Fruit trees were decided against upon on the basis of avoiding conflicts between the villagers on the issue of crops. Since coconut trees are very popular, it was decided to plant them on private land by the owners themselves. Along roads and at bus stops, the villagers wanted to plant trees that can provide sufficient shade without making the area too dark.

During the next meeting with the villagers on this issue, the selection of plants will be finalized based on the list made during the first meeting.
Initially A&D will take up the responsibility of maintaining these trees and will finance the maintenance. However once the villagers are settled in their new villages, it will be their responsibility to maintain the plants.

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