basic data on Mumbai

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

The MCGM was formed in the year 1865 as Mumbai’s civic body. The MCGM is veritably the ’cradle of local self-governance in India’. It embodies the (...)

Statistics on Coporations & Councils

by MMRDA see table

Regional Plan for Mumbai Metropolitan Area, 1996-2011

The MMRDA masterplan for 1996-2011 has been prepared by the Secretary of the Urban Development Department, Government of Maharashtra, D. T. (...)

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA)

Established in 1977, MHADA has since then been engaged primarily in constructing and selling housing to low and middle income groups in urban and (...)

Employment Patterns

As Bombay moves from a primarily manufacturing to a services based economy, jobs are slowly moving out of the congested Island city. The inner (...)

Mortality Rates

Mortality rates in Bombay have fallen dramatically since independence, although, even before, they were lower than the corresponding rates in (...)