In the various fields of intervention and geographical zones that we work, we have the pleasure of working with oganisations that extend their full support and actively participate and exchange information.They are exemplary in their dedication and support to community actions.

INDE [Integrated Design]

Integrated Design, headed by Mohan S., is an office of landscape and architecture specialised in sustainable development.

BCIL (Bio Conservation [India] Limited)

Biodiversity Conservation (India) Limited (BCIL) premium pioneer company in low environmental impacts buildings, a collective of professionals (...)

ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management)

ADEME is a public establishment whose mission consists in promoting operations, initiatives that aim at protecting environment and saving (...)

Development Alternative Group

DA, is a non-profit organization established in 1983 and engaged in research and action for sustainable development.

School of African Heritage (EPA)

The School of African Heritage (EPA) is a partner of the FAI exchange program since 2002. It regularly recruits trainees for research or studies (...)

Polytechnic of Turin

The polytechnic of Turin is a partner of the Be !Sharp program in India. This institution known for its investments in innovatory technologies (...)