Projects realised by A&D since its inception are concentrated in developing countries that have experienced some crisises particularly in the area of habitat. A&D has implemented many projects in the realm of sustainable built environments, projects that integrate social, cultural and economic aspects at every stage of construction.

Nouveaux articles

Construction of Bo’s Regional Rehabilitation Center (RRC)

Construction Project of the Regional Rehabilitation Center of Bo

War in the city and cities in war, humanitarian actors and urban practices - Guinee

A&D undertook a study on the urban practices in unstable humane situations

Reconstruction of the « Seyyed Djamaluddin » training centre project in Kabul - 1

The project of reconstruction of the administrative building of the "Seyyed Djamaluddin" training center for professors of schools and colleges (...)

Rehabilitation of hospitals - Bamyan and Kabul

Support for workmanship for the rehabilitation of two hospitals - Bamyan and Kabul

Evaluation on East-Timor local construction technics

Evaluation mission - Local construction technic

Emergency mission in Pakistan

Evaluation mission which was entrusted to us by the Red Cross France in less than a month after the earthquake