Projects realised by A&D since its inception are concentrated in developing countries that have experienced some crisises particularly in the area of habitat. A&D has implemented many projects in the realm of sustainable built environments, projects that integrate social, cultural and economic aspects at every stage of construction.

Nouveaux articles

Restoration and maintenance of sanitation system in Port Gentil

Support for the maintenance of the urban sanitation system in collaboration with the city municipality

Study of the rehabilitation and transformation of colonial buildings into resource centre programme.

Reconstruction and extension of the building to create a library, multimedia and exhibition halls

Construction of Izmit’s Town Hall

A bond of solidarity was substantiated by promises of gifts from a score of municipalities of the 93, as well as the Council General, following (...)

Technical & methodological support to the construction of hospitals

Technical & methedological support missions for the rehabilitation programme of two hospitals supported by Hospitals Sans (...)

Inquiry and Handbooks for the constructuion of the schools-CAURIS

Creation of handbooks for the control of works on the construction and rehabilitations requirements for Senegalese school (...)

Reconstruction of a synagogue and a Mausoleum

Restoration of an ancient religious building by integrating the cultural and anthropological dimensions