Projects realised by A&D since its inception are concentrated in developing countries that have experienced some crisises particularly in the area of habitat. A&D has implemented many projects in the realm of sustainable built environments, projects that integrate social, cultural and economic aspects at every stage of construction.

Nouveaux articles

Post Tsunami Reconstruction

A&D had undertaken the Reconstruction for Development Campaign (RDC) in Tamil Nadu, India to improve quality of life and habitat from a (...)

Reconstruction at Bam

A&D gives a progress report on the humane answer and begins the debate on the process of the reconstruction.

Construction of a school as a pilot project

Support to the construction project of school as a pilot project and transfer of techniques by means of training (Visakhapatnam, (...)

Rehabilitation of an equipment center in Negros

Support to the Rehabilitation of a center of equipments’ project, bringing a follow-up on quality and adaptation and documentation of (...)

Bam + 8 months - Document of capitalization

Following the December 2003 earthquake, the working group formed at A&D presents the document of capitalization.

Program CYBALK : House of dialogue

The program aims at dissemination of construction technics thanks to houses equipped with multi-media.