Documents Related to the Pakistan Earthquake Response in 2005

The efforts of A&D on the affected zones by the earthquake of magnitude 7.6 which struct Pakistan in October 2005, the epicentre of which was 95km north of the capital city of Islamabad. The earthquake struck the remote regions in this case mostly from the northern part of Pakistan.

Four earthquake-resistant constructions techniques

Soon after the 2005 earthquake, national policies specified reliable construction technique for self-builders. With the time and some people’s (...)

Learning from Lefkas

Lefkas (Greece) folk have developed an original type of earthquake resistant construction, which can widely inspire our work about Batar (...)

Toolkits distribution

It was long since planned that we should provide the communities with toolkits. We first ran an experiment on six selected villages, and only (...)

Mobile Team & Village Reconstruction Comities.

Since several months, trained teams of committed masons, carpenters and social workers hike in the highs of Batagram (North-West Frontier (...)