Construction Techniques and Trainings

A&D and PRAXIS is reconstructing more than 90 houses, in mainly 2 sites. Mason training programmes on construction techniques being used are being done for the same.

Report on the Awareness Camp held for Masons at Thazankuda Village, Cuddalore District and at Akkaraipettai Village, Nagapattinam District

TNDTF conducted these awareness camps with the objectives of building knowledge among masons regarding good construction and disaster-resistant (...)

Report on Training Camp held for Womens’ SHG’s on production of good quality clay bricks

This training was conducted by TNDTF with the aim of improving the knowledge of local women’s SHG’s (Self Help groups) in the production of good (...)

Filler Slab Roofs

The filler slab principle as compared to solid slab.

Rat Trap Bond for Walls

The advantages and use of Rat Trap Bond

Training Programme Schedule

The entire training programme has been split into 6 weeks. The article describes the major activates undertaken during each (...)

Overview of Training Programmes

The appropriate disaster resistant construction practices are becoming an imperative need in these type of Rehabilitation project. The focus of (...)